IPMA Training Courses / Project Management Certifications

You are not sure about the benefit of a project management certification, personally or for your company? You are interested in balancing your known processes in the planning and execution of projects with an international project management standard? You want to put your practical experience on a firm theoretical footing?

Prove your project management competence!

External service providers – such as freelancers, consultants or interim project managers – need to prove their competence in the face of a wide variety of clients and customers with respectively diverse project management practices and challenges.

For companies and project staff, project management qualification training courses provide the possibility to deepen one’s individual understanding of project management techniques, processes and standards. Project management training courses additionally allow project staff to share and reflect upon internally practiced project management processes and standards with colleagues and other professionals in the training group. This either contributes to leveling the playing field in terms of project management knowhow within a company or to widen the individual’s horizon by exchanging best practices with participants from other companies and institutions.

Participants have profited from GPM qualification training courses and subsequent certifications in many ways:

  • Internationally recognized project management certificate
  • Evidence of project management knowledge and experience
  • Increased market value and additional competitive advantage
  • Expanded professional network

Internationally recognized certification

Many companies nowadays need to prove their project management competence. Thorough application of project management methods and techniques verifiably reduces project costs by up to 30%.

Nowadays many companies must prove to thThe IPMA certification program sets international standards. Certificates are
validated by their national member associations and thus recognized in over 50 countries worldwide. Companies profit from the internationally recognized project management certification in many ways:

  • Competitive advantage e.g. for the acquisition of new contracts
  • Enhanced company reputation due to competent project managers and staff
  • Comparable and recognized qualification standard for project managers and staff
  • Employees have a common understanding of project management terms, tools and methods
  • Training and certification programs can be integrated into career planning programs
  • Better results and processes in projects

The following webpages provide you with an overview of potential qualification training courses that Premium Know How offers to prepare you for international certifications based on GPM/ IPMA standard, from Project Management Associate (IPMA Level D®) to (Senior) Project Manager (IPMA Level C®/IPMA Level B®) and up to Project Director (IPMA Level A®).